About Us

Based at the Gold Coast, Australia, Ausgenex manufactures exceptional quality animal derived products and monoclonal antibodies for research and commercial use globally.

Founded on the ideals of 'excellence in product quality and customer service', Ausgenex shows continued success in international markets catering for a growing number of major pharmaceutical companies and research organisations globally.

Ausgenex partners internationally with leading distributors recognised for their commitment to customer service in their local markets.

Ausgenex sources its raw material from registered establishments within Australia and New Zealand, well recognised as two of only a few disease free countries internationally. Utilising the most stringent aseptic techniques we are able to provide quality serum products with low Endotoxin levels and batch to batch consistency. Antibodies are produced using ascites production and a number of proprietary techniques that ensure consistent quality and outstanding purity.

Ausgenex has OEM and contract manufacturing capabilities and welcomes requests from interested parties.